Is That The Sun???

By:  Diana Augustoni

It’s been such a long time but is that the sun I’m seeing?  Could it be that Spring has sprung?  It’s lovely isn’t it?  Are you ready for spring? Longer days, brighter days....

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but we have added a new treatment to our menu called Fern Instant Eye Lift.  What better way to spring into the season than a nice eye opening treatment.  We are incorporating some of our best individual treatments into this treatment.

We will start by using the CACI Ultra machine.  Your eyes will be gently exfoliated and plumped,  using ultra sound and laser techniques.  We will also incorporate micro-current to lift the eye area. But why stop there?  These eyes need to be truly brightened with all that sun!   So following the use of the CACI Ultra we will then apply the Alpha H Eye Perfector Power Patch.  This patch contains glycolic acid and will brighten those peeps by visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles in just 20 minutes!  Seriously! The eye lift will be completed with the application of a powerful eye gel antioxidant.  And while you’re at it why not add a brow wax or brow tint?  Eyelash tint?  Any of these can be added to the treatment to brighten up even further.

So what is this powerful eye gel?  If you’re like me I’m always on the search for the great new eye product.  Well here’s one you will want to get.  It’s new from Skin Ceuticals and it’s called  AOX+ Eye Gel.  To start this is a serum to gel technology.  According to Skin Ceuticals it’s an open matrix formulation that enables actives to freely penetrate skin in a controlled manner for maximum bioavailability. The gel network remains on the surface, reinforcing the skin’s barrier.  Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  But you want to hear the key words you look for in an eye product, right?  So how about this, it contains 1% Phloretin, 5% Vitamin C and 0.5% Ferulic Acid, all in an eye product.  Whewee!   Anyone can use this product and is designed to treat both aging skin and fatigued eyes.  This is an eye treatment that is used daily but only needed to use once a day.  We at Fern like to use this eye gel as our day treatment.  It would be best to follow this with an eye cream or balm over the top to further the benefits.

Spring here we come!  Enjoy the sun!