Jurgita MisiuteBSc MBAcC 

Jurgita graduated from the University of Westminster with a B.Sc. in Life Sciences: Chinese medicine - a fully qualified acupuncturist and qigong tuina massage therapist.  Jurgita gained valuable experience from the CMU (Chinese Medical University) in Taiwan, her postgraduate certificates from USA and Italy acquired the fundamental skills of her practise.  She is fully registered and a member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC). 



Chinese Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine, which focus is treating the patient as individual.  Physical, mental, and emotional symptoms are addressed by inserting ultra fine sterile needles and promoting free flow of vital energy, restoring balance and helping the body to heal itself. The needle insertion is barely perceptible to the patient. Conditions that could benefit from acupuncture include

* muscular skeletal pain (acute or chronic)

* headaches

* anxiety, emotional imbalances

* fertility 

* digestive disorders

* skin conditions

The first session involves a thorough medical consultation, including Chinese Medicine (CM) diagnosis (observation and palpation). Subsequently an individualized treatment is prescribed and performed. In addition to acupuncture needling this also includes lifestyle and dietary advice if required.


Integrated Acupuncture, Tuina, and Body Work

My life experience doing Yoga, Qigong, and meditation, combined with my clinical observation of hundreds of patients has taught me that integrating acupuncture, Tuina, and body work in one (80 min) session is most effective. My integrated method allows patients to experience deeper levels of relaxation, and patients often report feeling completely transformed.

Tuina is a form of Chinese massage designed to address acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions combined with treating the patient’s constitution and working on internal organ imbalances. Using acupressure points, I alleviate tension, to provide immediate relief and relaxation. It is extremely beneficial for conditions such as sciatica, arthritis, muscle spasm, and tightness. Tuina bodywork differs from other types of massages due its ability to address the patient’s internal organ imbalances and promote the free flow of body’s vital energy.

Cupping is a method of Chinese medicine, which uses small glass cups to create a local suction on the skin. The suction is created by heating the air within the cup (and reducing the amount of oxygen), then placing it on the patients’ skin. The air then cools down and contracts, creating suction. This promotes blood circulation, alleviates the muscle stiffness, and stimulates the release of the toxins from the body. Depending on the specific treatment, the patient may notice the skin marking – discoloration of the skin after the removal of the cups, which is referred to as “cupping kiss” and fades away after 3– 6 days. 


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is a non-surgical face lift, which involves application of tiny disposable needles on the key acupuncture points on the face in order to increase blood circulation, detox and promote lymphatic drainage. Facial acupuncture treatment is extremely beneficial in increasing cell regeneration and reducing the appearance of fine lines as well as plumbing the skin by stimulating collagen.The treatment includes whole body acupuncture points, which allows concentrating on internal causes of premature ageing.