Get Glowing From The Inside

For this weeks blog, I have Nutritional Therapist Emma Olliff giving us some healthy eating tips and delicious smoothie recipe's to make your skin GLOW:

A healthy diet supports good health in countless ways, just as poor choices challenge us to maintain balance and wellbeing. Our skin, as our largest organ, reflects our state of health on the inside and can fluctuate just as our diets do. Increases in sugars (simple and complex), unhealthy fats, processed foods and artificial ingredients create acidity, inflammation and imbalance that effect our skin, hair, nails, and of course, the rest of our body and its “systems”. 

Are there any foods that can actually help with acne?

A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants is your skins best friend. Eliminate processed and refined foods, and strive to eat foods that are minimally processed and come in a rainbow of colour. Switch from processed grain products to whole grains such as quinoa and brown rice. Increase your vegetable intake with extra emphasis on greens such as kale, broccoli, collard greens, watercress and sea vegetables that provide essential minerals and support nearly every bodily function. Strive to bring in non-animal sources of protein and healthy fats from legumes, nuts and seeds. Fill in with foods high in antioxidants such as berries and add some lemon or apple cider vinegar to your water to alkalinize and support overall health. The more you focus on bringing in the foods that serve you, the sooner the foods that don’t serve you will fall by the wayside, or will at least move to a healthier place in the mix. 

When it comes to aging, any foods that speed up the process? Processed foods, sugar, artificial ingredients, partially hydrogenated oils and any foods that you can’t translate in your mind you’re likely not to be able to translate in your body either. These combined with a sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on your skin and your health.

How about foods that slow down the ageing process? Our food choices together with lifestyle can help slow the ageing process. Antioxidant rich foods that neutralise free radicals and the damage they do to cells and membranes are a great addition, as are super foods such as blueberries, broccoli, oats, quinoa, pumpkin seed, walnuts and more. Keep your food clean – minimally processed for maximum nutrition – and eat foods that come from the green kind of a plant as opposed to a processing plant. Combine a healthy diet with vitamin D from the sun, fresh air, clean water, ample sleep and exercise, and you’re apt to be feeling and looking younger in no time. If there was one food everyone should eat to make our skin look its best, what would it be? I always recommend that people start with greens! Many consider green to be the colour of healing, and it happens also to the colour most missing in the standard British diet. Dark leafy greens like kale, collard greens, cabbages, romaine lettuce, watercress, mustard greens, dandelion greens … provide a wealth of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that benefit everything including your liver and heart to your bones and eyes. Greens are known to reduce inflammation, and can even help reduce risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The Vitamin A Rich Green Smoothie. A collagen protector that is tasty and beautifying! Serves: 2 
2 cups spinach 
½ cucumber
1 small avocado 
½ cup mango fruit or 1 orange (+ zest – makes it really orangey!) 
1 lime 
2 cups coconut water (or water) to cover 
1 Tbsp chia seeds 
1 Tbsp flax seeds (ground)
2 Tbsp pumpkin seeds 
1. Put spinach into the blender first, followed by all the other ingredients. 
2. Note: the orange zest is really worth adding – it creates a really zingy mango-orange flavour. 
3. Blend everything for about 1-2 minutes until smooth 
4. Drink!

Greenie genie: a juice to help acne or problem skin. Alkalising green juices are especially beneficial for improving acne. Go for ingredients such as asparagus, celery, parsley and watercress, and don't overload on high-fructose fruits. Carrot juice, rich in beta-carotene, is also a useful addition, but try to keep the juices mostly green. This is a deliciously light juice with a refreshing ginger tang. The grassiness of the green ingredients is slightly sweetened by the apples. 
Makes one large glass: 
2 medium apples 
2 medium carrots 
2cm (1in) cube ginger, unpeeled 
4 small asparagus spears 
small handful parsley 
small handful freshly cut wheatgrass, or 1 level tsp of powdered greens, such as wheatgrass, chlorella or spirulina
Juice together all the ingredients, in their entirety, stirring in your chosen powdered greens (if using) just before serving.

Hydrate Yourself ...

Dehydration is when there is lack of water in the skin, indications can be itching, pulling and dull looking skin. Once the skin is dehydrated, it can no longer carry out its role as a barrier.  Skin is most susceptible to dehydration in the winter months and also in hotter climates. 

Hydration, hydration, hydration......if your skin is dehydrated here is a couple of Fern Favourites to pull that water back into your skin...

Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5
Contains high level of Hyaluronic Acid to bind moisture to the skin and increase hydration, also holding 100x its weight in
drenching your skin with much needed water.  And following on from the Protect Yourself blog, hydrating B5 is recommended to use along side Vitamin C serums as they enhance each other. Use daily to maximise the benefits of your daily moisturiser. 

Hydrating B5 Mask
This highly concentrated mask infuses dehydrated skin with moisture, this weekly hydration products helps to maintain the water balance in your skin. Amazing for dehydrated, and stressed skin to aid the skin in restoring an healthy and radiant appearance.  And the bonus is that you don't have to wash it off!  Apply to skin at night, allow to penetrate for 10 minutes and then gently massage excess into skin.  Also fab for flights!  Its clear so no one will know you  have a mask on, and instead of washing it off, you lightly rub the excess in. Your skin will thank you for it!

As well as hydrating your skin from the outside, it is essential to hydrate your skin from the inside.
Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of WATER and spread them out over the course of the day.  Hydrated skin mean skin will look plumper and the signs of ageing are minimised.

So don't forget to hydrate yourself, inside and out.........

(images via pinterest and skinceuticals, post by Nicki)

Power of Touch

The beauty industry is awash with all kinds of the latest machines promising to help with everything from sun damage to cellulite. And this is all exciting stuff – we at Fernskinclinic even have a couple of super power machines to help with a number of skin conditions.
But at the core of Fernskinclinic's ethos is the power of touch. Hands on skin. Back to basics skincare is being overlooked in favor of fast tracking skin care.

At Fernskinclinic, before we even go near anyone with a machine, we advise our clients to let us help them with making sure their skins needs are being met right from start. Cleansing through to hydrating and protection. As soon as we lay our hands on a clients skin it starts to give us a good idea of what their skin requires.

Stress and our busy lifestyles also contribute to the skins general well-being. The power of touch during a fern facial does wonders to calm and relax, to slow down. It's therapy for the soul and our skin – which is where we at Fernskinclinc feel is the very best place for skincare to begin.

Fernfacial 60min - £72

Free Summer Up-Grade at Fernskinclinic

We would love to celebrate the arrival of summer with you, and in that spirit, we have designed a new collection of first-class facial upgrades as a FREE TOP-UP to your Fern Facial.

We are fanatical about skin health, and each treatment-topper has been formulated to support your complexion through the summer season.

The Summer Upgrade Top-Ups are as follows;

Rejuvenating Vit C Boost:
Reduces hyperpigmentation, brightening you complexion and targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Complexion Protection:
Lactic20% works to repair damaged skin, fight inflammation and is also highly hydrating.

Decongesting Deep Clean:
Oil absorbing Sulphur Clay and anti-bacterial Tea Tree help to fight acne and reduce inflammation associated with breakouts.

Our new Skin Specialists, Margarita and Melinda are now available for Fern Facial bookings. With a combined tenure of 22 years in the industry, these experts know their stuff!  Be sure to let us know which Free Summer Upgrade you would like to add onto your next facial.

Your complimentary upgrade is available until the 31st August 2016. Please book online or give us a call.

Phone: 020 7722 2002
Online: Online

Protect yourself...

The sun is one of the biggest factors in ageing and damage of our skin.  Lines and wrinkles, unsightly hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity and accelerated collagen breakdown.  Billions of pounds are spent on the latest beauty products - promising us plumping, brightening, hydrating, amongst many other things. 

And that is all fantastic stuff!  But what is the point in applying all of these potions and lotions and then walking out into the Sun only to be exposed to damaging UVA and UVA light?

Protection, protection, protection  - this is where anti-ageing skin care must begin.  And this should come from a Vitamin C Serum in the form of L Asorbic Acid  and at least a SPF 30 or above.  Both applied each and every morning - like putting your armour on before leaving the house.

Fernskinclinic stocks both of the above products in various forms and strengths to suit your protection needs.

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Uneven complexion?

One of the most common skin-care issues is that uneven complexion: dark spots left over from the acne-teenage years, pigmentation due to hormones or sun damage. To make matters worse, the are difficult to get rid of and challenging to conceal. 

Lasers can of course help, see our feature on Hyperpigmentation, and another great skinsaviour is Phyto+ by Skinceuticals.

It contains Kojic Acid, which is made form mushrooms, and this gives Phyto+ its brightening capabilities. Great for people with sensitive skin, containing also hyaluronic acid to help keep skin hydrated and calm.

How often should I get a facial?

This is something clients ask all the time. We recommend seeing your skin care specialist every 4 to 6 weeks.

By getting in every 4-6 weeks, this allows your therapist to throughly assess your skin and to address any concerns that may be occurring.

What can a facial do for my skin?  Facials will throughly cleanse, exfoliate and plump (aid circulation) to your skin. We use a great range of active ingredients, peels, etc. and remember our treatments are always fully customised.

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In what order to use products ...

How to layer your skincare:

This is a question we often get asked and one that isn't quite easy to work out.
Simply put, you want to begin with the lightest to the thickest product.

In the morning you'll want to layer your Vitamin C first, then follow with your peptides, followed by a few drops of your face oil (if you use) and then your moisturiser and ALWAYS apply your SPF last. We think it's best to allow your products the time to absorb before applying your next. Maybe apply your Vitamin C, brush your teeth and so forth.

In the evening you still want to follow the same rules that you applied for the morning minus your Vitamin C (Vitamin C stays on the skin for 24 hours, no need to apply twice a day), apply your humectant first i.e. Hydrating B5 gel, then your retinol and then your night-time face oil and/or your moisturiser. Bear in mind, all of our skincare routines are customised so you might not use a gel before your retinol and that's ok, just be sure you follow the rule of using your thinnest product first and that you finish with your thickest. Again this is a great time to allow your products to absorb, often clients find this is an easier time to do so than in the morning.

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Do you have hyperpigmentation? Do you understand what has caused it? Do you know what to do about it? At Fern we offer many treatments and products geared to help with this.

Glo Therapeutics has three serums specifically created to help with epidermal hyperpigmentation. Epidermal hyperpigmentation can be caused from UV damage, inflammation or trauma, oxidation.

If general brightness is what you desire:

1) The Brightening Serum is a great skin brightener. This serum targets skin discoloration with a full spectrum of natural brighteners.

Then there are two serums that can target and treat hyperpigmentation:

2) The Lightening Serum - this serum battles hyperpigmentation with a combination of lighteners, melanin inhibitors and a gentle exfoliant.

3) Triple Action Serum - a powerful serum to lighten hyperpigmentation and improve the texture of the skin. This serum contains 2% hydroquinone, an melanin inhibitor.

If you have dermal hyperpigmentation, often hormonally induced (melasma) but can also develop from Post inflammatory inflammation. This type of pigmentation is usually quite resistant. Treatment serums and peels can help but often needs something that can reach deeper. We have a great treatment, the Alma Laser that can specifically treat dermal hyperpigmentation.

Unsure of the cause of your hyperpigmentation or the depth of your hyperpigmentation? Book a skin consulation with us and one of our therapists can advise the best treatment protocol for you.

Acupuncture Awareness Week

The beauty of Acupuncture

Did you know that 2.3 million acupuncture treatments are carried out each year! It's perfect timing to meet fernskinclinic's resident acupuncturist Jurgita who is a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council. 

On top of traditional acupuncture services that address fertility to anxiety to digestive disorders, Fernskinclinic offers specialized Beauty Acupuncture, in particular for the face, to revitalize skin for a knifeless face-lift effect. 

By targeting key acupuncture points on the face, blood flow is increased to detox the skin, promote lymphatic drainage and increase cell turnover. Fine lines appear reduced, skin looks plumper and in the weeks following treatment the skin’s natural production of collagen is increased.

Stay tuned for an intro to more of our love-laced skin treats…

How to keep those lips smooth!

Try Skin Ceuticals AOX lip complex:

This is a great antioxidant treatment for your lips. This lip product will help to restore moisture in your lip area, containing both humectants and emollients. We suggest you to apply this treatment every night before bed and in times when your lips are especially dry, use frequently.

This should keep these dry winter lips at bay!!

Supermodel Skin Secrets

So London Fashion Week has started and it’s the perfect time to share some of the knowledge we’ve gained from the “inside” about how models keep their skin in great condition.

Drink ample amounts of water

Always take your make-up off, no matter how late the night!

Cold-pressed, organic juice is a great way to load up on skin boosting nutrients

On a night out, choosing drinks such as vodka & soda water will minimise dehydration 

Massaging your moisturiser in will help boost circulation & make skin glow

Have a make-up free day to allow your skin to breathe


Beauty with a higher purpose

Glo Therapeutics is a cosmeceutical skincare line that can be fully customised to our clients needs. We chose this line for the science and ability to make each home care prescription bespoke. Glo Therapeutics is formulated with nourishing vitamins and highly concentrated botanicals. We see this line as a nice blend of non toxic ingredients and highly active ingredients.  Glo Therapeutics is constantly adding and improving on their line. And no one skin concern goes amiss.

Book a free consultation with us today to discuss Glo Therapeutics and how this line could benefit your skin.

Get Set for Valentine’s Day

If you’re seeking an utterly unique glow for the most romantic day of the year, the famous Fern Facials are customised for your individual skincare needs, and include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, massage and masks. 
Using the very best cosmoceuticals form SkinCeuticals and skin balancing products from Glo-Therapeutics and Suti, you can be sure of a radiant complexion post treatment. 

Why Acupuncture?

Never tried acupuncture before? January is the perfect time to try new things, so why don't you give it a go?

Our Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture stimulates collagen production and increases blood flow to the skin. In turn this helps skin appear younger, firmer and less lined. 
Or you can opt for our wellbeing acupuncture with Jurgita, which is the perfect accompaniment to your new year's resolutions!

This ancient Chinese practice has been used effectively to treat a range of issues from headaches to anxiety, hormonal and emotional imbalances, fertility and skin conditions and even digestive disorders! The treatment is completely tailored to suit your individual needs.

Jurgita combines the treatment with cupping, massage or Tuina, and will tailor it suit your individual needs.

Fitness on our Doorstep

Last months we told you all about our favourite foodie spots in the area, but, seeing as it's January, we've dusted off our running shoes and made a New Year's resolution to get more active!

One of our favourite studios is Barrecore Hampstead. Such a great workout for lengthening muscles and creating a lean physique! Plus, it's so much fun!

Though we also love a brisk wak in the park. Primrose Hill is our go-to for getting some fresh air and the view across London is always beautiful!

Then there is a nearby and old favourite of some of our clients, Spring Health in Belsize Park.

And lastly, of course, Triyoga in Camden! Loads of fabulous yoga courses to choose from.

Where do you like to work out in the area?
Are you more of an indoor or outdoor exerciser?
We'd love to know your thoughts so we can spur each other on to make 2016 our healthiest year yet!

How to Winterise your skin

How is your skin feeling? Does it feel dry to you? It might be time to adjust your home skincare routine and focus on protecting your skin for winter. There is decreased humidity in the air and central heating doesn't help with keeping the skin hydrated.

First I want to mention, your skin type doesn't change even though the temperature or humidity has changed. Many clients will comment that their skin is dry in winter and oily in the summer. In reality, this doesn't happen, your skin type doesn't change to dry in winter but instead can become dehydrated. Environmental factors such as decreased humidity, windy conditions, central heating can cause an increase in TEWL - trans epidermal water loss. TEWL is the evaporation of water from the deeper layers of the epidermis. Dry skin is a lack of oil (sebum) in the skin and dehydrated skin is the loss of water in the skin.

Here are some steps to protect your skin during this time:

Avoid hot water when cleansing your skin, be sure to always cleanse your skin in tepid water only. Cleansing balms can be a nice addition to your night cleanse as it will provide a good gentle deep cleanse. Using hot water will affect your skin barrier function and will cause more dehydration and inflammation.

Be sure you are protecting your skin with antioxidants and peptides to protect against free radical damage.

Don't forget your SPF! Yes, you must use sunscreen all 365 days of the year, SPF can really help to protect your skin barrier function. I know the temptation is to forego this step, especially when it's grey and rainy outside but this is such an important step to protecting your skin.

Consider incorporating face oils into your skin routine. Our skin receives oil much easier than creams due to it's molecular structure. Perhaps switching your current night cream to a face oil.

Exfoliate - a good exfoliator can help facilitate a normal cell turnover. It's important to not overdo this as it will then create added inflammation and TEWL.

Hydrate internally as well. Get your essential fats. Try incorporating omega 3 (anti-inflammatory), adding flax or chia seeds and sesame or coconut oil to your meals.

Book a free skin consultation with us if you're unsure what's best for your skin. Facials are amazing to help with this time of year too! Our facials are fully customised to your skins needs!

(photos via pinterest)

New Year, New You

Here at Fernskinclinic, we take a year-round approach to wellbeing.
However, the new year usually provides the perfect motivation to kick start a fitness regime or balance to the Christmas excess. And most importantly, it's crucial to set attainable goals. You're never going to stick to them otherwise! Here are some of our favourite New year, New You suggestions:

I resolve to get more active by recruiting a workout buddy.

I resolve to drink more water by always carrying  a bottle of water around with me.

I resolve to reduce processed foods by trying to cook my evening meals.

I resolve to reduce alcohol by not drinking during the week.

I resolve to reduce my stress levels by taking 10 minutes for myself every day to breathe or meditate.

(photo via pinterest)

Our skin treatments

Here at Fern, we pride ourselves on our superior skin treatments. 
Every treatment is completely bespoke as we know every individual is different. And everybody's skin is different ...
Chose from 60, 75 and 90 minute treatments with either Glo-therapeutics, Skinceuticals or Suti. 
Regardless of which one you opt for, all our facials include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, treatment mask and shoulder, arm and hand massage. The perfect way to treat your skin for the new year!

Then of course, we can offer the added extra with the new Alma machine! Read more about this here ...

Our neighbourhood favourites.

We adore our neighbourhood! Belsize Park has been our home now for 11 years and we still enjoy discovering what's on offer in the area. For lunch we love Bonjour Brioche (formerly Cinnamon), an independent deli run by a mother and daughter duo, who are hugely passionate about great quality, locally sourced food! Try the baked Banana Bread with yogurt and honey! Just delicious!
Or their freshly pressed juices ... a little bit more on the health front ... 

Another firm favourite is Ginger & White, just next to it. Always busy, with a well sourced menu and outstanding coffee. 

See you around in the new year! 
We are all back at the beginning of January!