Hairy Monkey?

By: Diana Augustoni.
Ever look at the hair on your body and think ”I’m a hairy monkey?”!  Reality is, I think we all do at some point or another.  I know so many that either have always hated their body hair, or just came to a point of accepting the hair they have been dealt.  And those who are accepting of it, what does that really mean?  Have they just found ways to keep it at bay or are they really just “letting it all hang out”?  There is evidence of issues with body hair going back to 1915, ads convincing us that a sleek underarm was far more beautiful and necessary with the ever exposed body part as the underarm.  As time went on the legs would follow....and so on.
So how do people take care of their body hair?  Do you shave?  Or wax? And do you go for the Bikini, Hollywood or the Brazilian?   Is one with wax and another with a razor? No, it’s the style of how much you want waxed!  Bloody Hell!   And how often do you need to do this?  Our need to de-fuzz can be painful and costly and never ending.  Do you ever grow tired of the constant upkeep and wish for something simpler?  I know I do!  But what? 
Light hair removal can be very effective at achieving fuzz free results for much longer compared to waxing, sugaring and shaving. This form of hair removal reduces the production of hair and with certain people can often be permanent.  I think it’s best to describe it as long term hair reduction as each person’s results will vary.  This form of hair removal will save you long term over other depilatory choices.
Fern Skin Clinic offers light hair removal.  We use the Energist VPL machine which has been clinically proven to reduce hair from all parts of the face and body.  So how does it work?  First, we can choose variable settings to distinctly tailor to the client and area being treated.  This light laser uses safe and controlled filtered light to remove unwanted hair.  The pulsed light is absorbed by the melanin, or pigment in the hair follicle.  Energist states this absorption process produces heat, which travels down the hair, affecting the follicle’s ability to regenerate.

Will it be painful? Will I be red?  What will my skin look like afterwards?  As with any hair removal process there will be some pain involved.  Light hair removal has improved greatly over the years and with those improvements they have developed ways to cover a larger area and more heat to the hair follicle virtually pain free.  This machine will not burn or scar your skin.   Your skin may appear a bit red after the treatment but this will subside very shortly after the treatment.
What do I need to do after my treatment?  And how many treatments will this take?  With any treatment, each person’s result will vary but generally the hair that has been treated will naturally fall out within one to three weeks.   If you need to have the area hair free prior to that time, you can always shave.  What’s nice is that if you do shave, your skin will feel smooth as if you had just waxed.  Nice bonus!  And you can continue to shave during your course of treatments, so it won’t be necessary to use any of your other hair removal methods.  We recommend doing a course of six treatments to start and from there you may choose a course of top-ups to continue working with stubborn hairs. 
So where do I start?  You will need to book a consultation appointment with us and we will do a patch test at that time.