Sun Awareness

By: Diana Augustoni

Did you know there are about 9,000 cases of melanoma each year in the UK? Nope, well neither did we. Sun Awareness is The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) annual campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer and includes Sun Awareness Week from 5th - 11th May.

We at Fern thought this is the perfect opportunity to one, get back on this blog.... I know it’s been way too long! Sorry about that! And two to remind everyone of the daily actions we can take to prevent damage to our skin.

PROTECT Many of us know that we need to apply sunscreen in the summer but as we’ve mentioned on this blog before, wearing sunscreen everyday all year round is the best protection you can give your skin. We recommend using an SPF of 30 or higher with a Vitamin C/antioxidant serum underneath. Why pair the two together?  Vitamin C helps to treat and prevent changes in the skin associated with photo-aging and can be used to help with the treatment of pigmentation. When this powerful antioxidant is combined with sunscreen it maximises the photo protection of the skin. So, why not? You can never go wrong with a little antioxidant help, right?

Luckily Skin Ceuticals has just launched a Double Defence promo. When you purchase either their CE Ferulic Serum or their Phloretin CF Serum, you will receive a free gift of their SPF 50.

CHECK It’s important that we frequently check our moles on our bodies and monitor them for any changes. If you are ever concerned about a mole go to your GP. We personally think it’s best to have your moles checked every year to be sure you haven’t missed any changes. While most moles may not be harmful at all, early detection is key! Here is a basic photo and explanation to help you to check changes.  

Visit  for further information.

PREVENT Be sure to practise smart choices while out and about in the sunshine. I just had to laugh…this is England, right? No but on a more serious note, sunshine or not it’s important to be smart with protecting ourselves. Be sure to protect your skin with clothing, a hat and sunglasses. Try not to be in direct sunlight from the hours of 11am – 3pm, it’s best to go in the shade. And be sure to wear your SPF!
Now I’m ready for the sunshine….you?