In what order to use products ...

How to layer your skincare:

This is a question we often get asked and one that isn't quite easy to work out.
Simply put, you want to begin with the lightest to the thickest product.

In the morning you'll want to layer your Vitamin C first, then follow with your peptides, followed by a few drops of your face oil (if you use) and then your moisturiser and ALWAYS apply your SPF last. We think it's best to allow your products the time to absorb before applying your next. Maybe apply your Vitamin C, brush your teeth and so forth.

In the evening you still want to follow the same rules that you applied for the morning minus your Vitamin C (Vitamin C stays on the skin for 24 hours, no need to apply twice a day), apply your humectant first i.e. Hydrating B5 gel, then your retinol and then your night-time face oil and/or your moisturiser. Bear in mind, all of our skincare routines are customised so you might not use a gel before your retinol and that's ok, just be sure you follow the rule of using your thinnest product first and that you finish with your thickest. Again this is a great time to allow your products to absorb, often clients find this is an easier time to do so than in the morning.

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