Protect yourself...

The sun is one of the biggest factors in ageing and damage of our skin.  Lines and wrinkles, unsightly hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity and accelerated collagen breakdown.  Billions of pounds are spent on the latest beauty products - promising us plumping, brightening, hydrating, amongst many other things. 

And that is all fantastic stuff!  But what is the point in applying all of these potions and lotions and then walking out into the Sun only to be exposed to damaging UVA and UVA light?

Protection, protection, protection  - this is where anti-ageing skin care must begin.  And this should come from a Vitamin C Serum in the form of L Asorbic Acid  and at least a SPF 30 or above.  Both applied each and every morning - like putting your armour on before leaving the house.

Fernskinclinic stocks both of the above products in various forms and strengths to suit your protection needs.

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