Power of Touch

The beauty industry is awash with all kinds of the latest machines promising to help with everything from sun damage to cellulite. And this is all exciting stuff – we at Fernskinclinic even have a couple of super power machines to help with a number of skin conditions.
But at the core of Fernskinclinic's ethos is the power of touch. Hands on skin. Back to basics skincare is being overlooked in favor of fast tracking skin care.

At Fernskinclinic, before we even go near anyone with a machine, we advise our clients to let us help them with making sure their skins needs are being met right from start. Cleansing through to hydrating and protection. As soon as we lay our hands on a clients skin it starts to give us a good idea of what their skin requires.

Stress and our busy lifestyles also contribute to the skins general well-being. The power of touch during a fern facial does wonders to calm and relax, to slow down. It's therapy for the soul and our skin – which is where we at Fernskinclinc feel is the very best place for skincare to begin.

Fernfacial 60min - £72