Lisa Montlake and Nicki Ewing have been experts in their field for over 40 years and have been able to recruit a great team who share their passion and high standards.

The Owners


Lisa Montlake

Partner, Therapist

Dedicated skincare specialist Lisa Montlake, originally trained in Hair and Beauty Therapy, but quickly decided that it was skincare, not hair, that held her passion. She qualified as an Aesthetician, and immediately started building her own clientele. 

As her business grew, Lisa needed her own space and worked as a self-employed therapist within a larger health establishment. It quickly became apparent that being in a people focused role and being able to affect how her clients felt about themselves, was where she excelled and found most enjoyment.  

After years of hands on and teaching experience in Beauty Therapy, she decided it was time to expand her horizons and moved from her home in Essex to London. There she went to work at the newly opened and highly prestigious Bliss Spa in Kensington and it was here that Lisa found her inspiration and motivation to specialise and focus solely in skincare. 

It was also at Bliss that Lisa first met Nicki Ewing, now her business partner, and was impressed to find a kindred spirit who shared her passion. After many a chat over a glass or two of vino, the idea of Fernskinclinic was born.  

Lisa has a very holistic approach to her treatments, choosing to incorporate hands on healing work into her facials as much as possible. She feels that the treatment should be serious and results driven, but also very calming and relaxing.

Lisa loves her work, but also loves spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys exercising, and is always the last off the dance floor on a night out.

Nicki Ewing

Partner, Therapist

New Zealand born Nicki has made London her home for the last 20 years. Having first come to London with intentions of travelling, instead settled and trained as a Beauty Therapist at the London College of Beauty Therapy.

Nicki was then one of the first Aestheticians to be trained under Marcia Kilgore, owner and founder of New York's Bliss Spa – when Marcia opened the first flagship Bliss Spa in London. Under Marcia's guidance, encouragement and support, Nicki gained invaluable experience within the company and discovered her deep passion for skincare.

This is where Nicki met fellow Bliss Aesthetician Lisa, a plan was hatched to go it alone, and a partnership was born, resulting in the creation of Fernskinclinic. Nicki feels very much a Londoner these days, while still holding onto her New Zealand heritage and still considers it home. Which is very apparent in her fierce support when the All Blacks are playing! Nicki is also a mum of 2, loves music, keeping fit and nutrition, and has just reignited her childhood hobby, knitting!


Therapists & Associates

Jurgita - Therapist

Jurgita started working for Fernskinclinic 8 years ago as a receptionist, during which she also graduated from the University of Westminster with a B.Sc. in Life Sciences: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Qigong Tuina Massage. Jurgita gained valuable experience from the CMU (Chinese Medical University) in Taiwan, her postgraduate certificates from USA and Italy acquiring her the fundamental skills of her practise.

Jurgita's mission in life is to make people healthier and happier, and by doing so to make the world a more beautiful place. Always searching for the deeper meaning in life, Jurgita started her journey with acting and dance that taught her about her body, and then moved to Yoga, Qigong, Reiki and Meditation that taught her about her inner self. Jurgita always shares what she has learnt with her friends, who have told her, quite rightly, she possesses the gift of healing hands.


Melinda - Therapist

Hailing from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Melinda graduated from beauty college in 2004. After 2.5 years working in the industry she left for London, working with both Aveda and Murad. Joining Fern in 2015, Melinda has managed to combine her passion for cosmeceutical skincare with holistic environments. With a natural affinity towards healing and hands-on treatments, Melinda studied Reiki in 2015 to further enhance the powerful affect of touch therapies.


Margarita - Therapist

Margarita is a qualified skin care and laser therapist. Margarita knows only too well that having less-than-perfect skin can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. From a young age she became interested in the beauty industry, particularly determined to understand the ways in achieving a healthy skin complexion. As a result of her desire to help others, she qualified as a beauty therapist by completing a number of courses in beauty, holistic and laser treatments at Barnet College, North West London. Margarita is a highly skilled skincare professional with 11 years experience in the beauty industry and passionate about healthy living, outdoor activities, nature and hiking.

Open Positions

Currently we do not have any open positions. If you wish to send us your details we will keep these on file and let you know if anything becomes available.


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